Specialized Services

Marlew's philosophy has always been to provide adequate solutions to our customers. Over the years, the experience and knowledge developed allow us to advise them on the different aspects that define a product:

  • The working condition and expectations of your service
  • Product design
  • The use of new raw materials
  • Through standardized tests we guarantee the correct performance of the product
  • Treatment of the product from dispatch to storage and installation

This leads us to elaborate design cables, according to the particularities of each client and at the same time complying with high quality and safety standards.

Our product catalog is only part of what we can do, our next cable is the one that meets your needs.

Your Project = Our Cables = Your solution

To better understand the needs and expectations of the product, it is important to first define the electrical performance to which it will be subjected and the environmental environment where it will be installed. Your Project

With the electrical provision we can define the type of cable and its composition (Power, instrumentation, data, mining, etc.) and with the environmental environment we can design the structure of the cable based on the mechanical, physical or chemical stresses to which it can be required (Exposure to climatic agents, mobile or fixed installation indoors, in a tray or buried, resistance to various chemical agents, etc.)

With the sum of this information, we can, under different applicable standards (local or international), propose the appropriate cable, both from the technical and economic aspects. Our Cables

If this product is not within the Marlew catalog cables, it means that a new product is born for this particular project.

In these cases, having defined the technical proposal of a cable or family of cables for this development, Marlew makes a prototype with the constructive structure that represents the technical proposal. This prototype is then subjected to tests that will determine without a doubt that said design is suitable for the required service. Marlew has its own laboratory, made up of regularly calibrated test and measurement equipment and the right personnel to carry out these tests. When a test arises that we cannot carry out, we have different testing laboratories (national and international) accredited by the control bodies where we develop said tests, we do not hesitate to make these investments. Throughout this research and development process, we always invite our clients, in short, the beneficiaries of development, to accompany us in the different stages of this path, so that with transparency we both reach to Your Solution