Special Designs

Wind-turbine Specific Cables
Torsional Cables for Wind Turbines
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  • Wind
  • Low Smoke
  • Indoor Public Places
  • Fire-retardant


Specially engineered for the power supply and control of wind turbines.


Temperature rating: 90ºC maximum.
Voltage rating: 1000V AC.
Construction requirements: As per IEC 60502-1.
Fire requirements: As per IEC 60332-1 - Fire-retardancy.
Conductor requirements: As per IEC 60228 and IRAM NM 280.
These cables are engineered for twisting +/- 150 grades per meter.  They are tested at 5000 torsional cycles while continuously energised. The cable shall be considered acceptable when the flow of electricity is not discontinued throughout the test.


Conductor: Annealed electrolytic copper; class 5 stranding, with adequate length of lay.
Insulation: XLPE  (crosslinked polyethylene) or EPR (ethylene propylene rubber).
Identification: Different colours (Power cables) or white and numbered (Control cables).
Shield: Polyamide and copper wire serve (Control cables).
Sheath: LSZH, flexible.

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