Special Designs

Railway Signalling
Railway Signalling Cable
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Telecommunications and data management systems. Signalling and measuring systems. Depending on the sheathing materials, cables can be used in outdoor installations or in tunnels and public access underground stations.


Voltage rating: 600V AC (in service).
Temperature rating: 70ºC maximun (in the conductor).
Construction requirements: As per VDE 0816 Part 2.


Quads or multiquads: Annealed copper solid conductors; polyethylene insulation;  four insulated conductors twisted together in a quad, individually identified with different colours, longitudinally shielded with corrugated copper tape, PE inner sheath (for outdoor use) or LSZH inner sheath (for use in tunnels),  longitudinally armoured with corrugated steel tape lined with polyethylene and PE outer sheath (for outdoors use) or LSZH (for use in tunnels).

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