series MP-MT

300 Volt
Special Conductors
PVC 105°C / PVC

Thermocouple extension circuits for temperature measuring and logging. Installed in conduits, trays, cable ladders, in direct open air or indoors, buried in a trench or in ducts.


  • Temperature rating: 105ºC

  • Voltage rating: 300 Volt CA

  • Construction requirements: As per UL 13 type PLTC - UL 2250 type ITC

  • Thermocouple conductor requirements: As per ASTM E 230-98 (MP codes) – IEC 60584-3 (MT codes)

  • Conductor: Solid or flexible wire (indicated in tables of dimensions and weights)

  • Thermocouple type EX: (+) Chromel / (-) Constantan

  • Thermocouple type JX: (+) Iron / (-) Constantan

  • Thermocouple type KX: (+) Chromell / (-) Alumel

  • Thermocouple type RX: (+) Copper E / (-) Copper A

  • Thermocouple type SX: (+) Copper E / (-) Copper A

  • Thermocouple type TX: (+) Copper E / (-) Constantan

  • Insulation: PVC

  • Lay lenght: 50 mm (20 twists/m)

  • Unshielded pair: Polyester tape wrap

  • Shield: Aluminium-polyester tape wrap plus tinned-copper braid

  • Sheath: PVC; fire-retardant; sunlight and hydrocarbon-resistant.

  • Fire requirements: As per UL 1685

  • Hydrocarbon requirements: As per NFC 32-200 – ASTM D 1239

  • Oils requirements: As per ICEA S 73-532

  • Outdoors requirements: As per UL 2556 (UV rays)

  • NEC code (NFPA 70): Art. 725 PLTC – Art. 727 ITC– Art. 501 classified locations Class 1 Div.2 and Class 2 Div.2



Hydrocarbon resistant

Hydrocarbon resistant

Mineral oil resistant

Mineral oil resistant

UV resistant

UV resistant

Refinery use

Refinery use

Tray cable

Tray cable


MP Code MT Code
Ins. (+) Ins. (-) Sheath Ins. (+) Ins. (-) Sheath


falta label en campo?
falta label en campo?
falta label en campo?

Constructive variants

The information provided corresponds to the standard version, and different alternatives of insulation and / or covering materials can be used upon request. These cables can also be manufactured in the halogen free and fire resistant mode, for special uses.


Thermocouple type MP Cables / ASTM E 230-98 MT Cables / IEC 60584-3
Special tolerance Standard tolerance Temperature range Class 1 Tolerance Class 2 Tolerances Temperature range
EX+/- 1ºC+/- 1.7ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/-120uV(+/-1.5ºC)+/- 240uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
JX+/- 1.1ºC+/- 2.2ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/- 85uV (+/-1.5ºC)+/- 140uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
KX+/- 1.1ºC+/- 2.2ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/- 60uV (+/-1.5ºC)+/- 100uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
RX and SX----+/- 5ºC0ºC to 200ºC----+/- 30uV (+/-2.5ºC)0ºC to 100ºC
TX+/- 0.5ºC+/- 1ºC-60ºC to 200ºC+/- 30uV (+/-0.5ºC)+/- 60uV (+/-1ºC)-25ºC to 100ºC



Type Gauge Conductor formation External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
mm² AWG
Par rígido0.5201x0.805.030MP/MT + 1205
Par rígido1.31161x1.296.251MP/MT + 1213
Par flexible0.52016x0.205.332MP/MT + 1305
Par flexible0.811826x0.206.042MP/MT + 1308
Par flexible1.311642x0.206.755MP/MT + 1313
Par flexible1.51548x0.207.264MP/MT + 1315


Type Gauge Formation External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
mm² AWG Conductor Drain wire
Par rígido0.5201x0.801x0.655.136MP/MT + 1000
Par rígido1.31161x1.291x1.006.361MP/MT + 1001
Par flexible0.52016x0.207x0.255.438MP/MT + 1006
Par flexible0.811826x0.207x0.306.152MP/MT + 1036
Par flexible11732x0.207x0.306.457MP/MT + 1026
Par flexible1.311642x0.207x0.406.865MP/MT + 1046
Par flexible1.51548x0.207x0.407.374MP/MT + 1016

Multipairs - Solid formations

Number of pairs AWG Conductor Overal shield Individual and overall shield
N° x mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code

18 and 16 AWG versions are made to order and may be availabe in solid configurations upon request. “+” Thermocouple identification according to the alloy EX - JX - KX - RX - SX - TX. For example: MPKX 1205 (Unshielded rigid pair KX Chromel/Alumel thermocouple) / MPJX 2004 (4 solid pairs with overall shield JX Iron/Constantan thermocouple)

Multipairs - Flexible formations

Number of pairs AWG Conductor Overal shield Individual and overall shield
N°x mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
22016x0.207.565MP/MT f+20027.775MP/MT f+2402
38.684MP/MT f+20039.2101MP/MT f+2403
49.4107MP/MT f+200410.5140MP/MT f+2404
611.6157MP/MT f+200812.4189MP/MT f+2408
812.5190MP/MT f+201013.4232MP/MT f+2410
1215.1262MP/MT f+201216.7342MP/MT f+2412
1617.2347MP/MT f+201618.4429MP/MT f+2416
2019.0416MP/MT f+202020.4518MP/MT f+2420
2421.1488MP/MT f+202423.2635MP/MT f+2424
3624.6706MP/MT f+203626.5887MP/MT f+2436
21826x0.208.487MP/MT f+21028.6101MP/MT f+2502
310.4128MP/MT f+210311.1151MP/MT f+2503
411.4160MP/MT f+210412.1190MP/MT f+2504
613.5216MP/MT f+210814.4260MP/MT f+2508
814.5265MP/MT f+211016.1341MP/MT f+2510
1218.1391MP/MT f+211219.5478MP/MT f+2512
1620.1491MP/MT f+211621.6605MP/MT f+2516
2022.8619MP/MT f+212024.4762MP/MT f+2520
2425.3727MP/MT f+212427.2898MP/MT f+2524
3628.91016MP/MT f+213631.11267MP/MT f+2536
21642x0.209.2112MP/MT f +22029.4132MP/MT f+2602
311.7166MP/MT f +220312.5200MP/MT f+2603
412.8210MP/MT f+220413.7253MP/MT f+2604
615.2288MP/MT f+220816.8371MP/MT f+2608
816.9379MP/MT f+221018.2463MP/MT f+2610
1220.5532MP/MT f+221222.1657MP/MT f+2612
1623.3703MP/MT f+221625.0869MP/MT f+2616
2025.8852MP/MT f+222027.81058MP/MT f+2620
2428.81005MP/MT f+222431.01251MP/MT f+2624
3633.41460MP/MT f +223636.01825MP/MT f+2636