Block series ME-W

Copper tape shield

600 Volt
Cu 16 up to 10 AWG
ICEA S 73-532

Control, signalling, measuring and protective equipment, electric controls of home installations. Use in closed environments with a high concentration of people (airports, hospitals, trains, cinemas, shopping centers, tunnels) and in control rooms with electronic equipment sensitive to the exposure of corrosive gases. Installed in conduits, trays, cable ladders, in direct open air or indoors, buried in a trench or in ducts. It provides additional electromagnetic protection.


  • Temperature rating: 90ºC (operating),130ºC (overload) and 250ºC (short circuit)

  • Voltage rating: 600 AC

  • Construction requirements: As per ICEA S 73-532

  • Conductor requirements: As per ASTM B174

  • Conductor: Annealed electrolytic copper; flexible

  • Insulation: XLPE (Cross-linked polyethylene)

  • Shield: Annealed copper tape helical wrap with 100% coverage and overlap

  • Sheath: LSZH-HFFR (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - Halogen Free Flame Retardant), fire-retardant sunlight and oils resistant

  • Fire requirements: As per ICEA T 30-520

  • Standard for halogen absence and corrosive gases: As per IEC 60754-1/2

  • Smoke transparency requirements: As per IEC 61034-1/2

  • Toxicity standard: As per NES 713 – CEI 20.37

  • Olis requirements: As per ICEA S 73-532

  • Outdoors requirements: As per UL 2556 (UV rays)

  • Water behaviour requirements: Suitable AD7 (Occasional water submersion)

Electromagnetic interference protection

Electromagnetic interference protection



Halogen free

Halogen free

Low smoke

Low smoke

Mineral oil resistant

Mineral oil resistant

UV resistant

UV resistant


Sheath Conductors
MulticonductorMethod 3 Table E-2


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falta label en campo?
falta label en campo?


Resistances and intensity of admissible currents

Gauge AWG Electrical resistance at 20°C in C.C. (Ohm/km) Electrical resistance at 75°C in AC. a 60Hz (Ohm/km) Current-carrying capacity (1)
2x 4x 7x 10x 19x 30x

(1) Current-carrying capacity of cables with up to three conductors, installed in ducts or directly buried, up to an ambient temperature of 30ºC, according to chart 310.15 (B)(16) of the NFPA 70. As from four-conductors, we’ve additionally applied the correction factor for more than three conductors from the chart 310.15 (B)(3)(a) of the NFPA70.


Cable Formation N° Cond. x gauge AWG Diameter below shield mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
5x188.210.9177ME 0518 W
7x188.911.6207ME 0718 W
10x1810.614.0280ME 1018 W
12x1811.514.9314ME 1218 W
14x1812.315.6347ME 1418 W
19x1814.417.8443ME 1918 W
24x1815.919.3521ME 2418 W
30x1817.622.0662ME 3018 W
3x167.410.1158ME 0316 W
4x168.210.8182ME 0416 W
5x168.911.6209ME 0516 W
7x169.712.3240ME 0716 W
10x1611.614.9334ME 1016 W
12x1612.916.3393ME 1216 W
14x1613.817.2436ME 1416 W
19x1615.719.1540ME 1916 W
24x1617.420.8640ME 2416 W
30x1619.223.7827ME 3016 W
2x148.311.0185ME 0214 W
3x148.811.5210ME 0314 W
4x149.712.3237ME 0414 W
5x1410.714.0301ME 0514 W
7x1411.715.0360ME 0714 W
10x1414.317.7473ME 1014 W
12x1415.518.9539ME 1214 W
14x1416.619.9603ME 1414 W
19x1419.023.3814ME 1914 W
24x1421.626.01020ME 2414 W
30x1423.828.31206ME 3014 W
2x129.211.9227ME 0212 W
3x129.912.5256ME 0312 W
4x1210.914.2328ME 0412 W
5x1211.915.3384ME 0512 W
7x1213.516.8484ME 0712 W
10x1216.119.4615ME 1012 W
12x1218.623.0850ME 1212 W
19x1221.926.31126ME 1912 W
24x1224.228.71351ME 2412 W
30x1226.831.21613ME 3012 W
2x1010.513.8308ME 0210 W
3x1011.214.5362ME 0310 W
4x1012.315.7431ME 0410 W
5x1014.017.3528ME 0510 W
7x1015.318.7651ME 0710 W
10x1021.826.21206ME 1010 W
19x1024.929.41539ME 1910 W
24x1027.732.11864ME 2410 W
30x1030.735.12247ME 3010 W