Clad series EFC-H

Steel wire armour

Flexible Cu 1 up to 300mm²
Includes PE conductor

Fixed power distribution networks in closed environments with a high concentration of people (airports, hospitals, trains, cinemas, shopping malls, tunnels) and in control rooms with electronic equipment sensitive to exposure to corrosive gases. For Alternating Current (50/60Hz), for single-phase systems (220/110V), three-phase systems (380/190V) and systems with voltages up to 1kV. For Direct Current, used in systems with voltages up to 1.5kV Installed in aerial trays, gutters or conduits, under roof or ladder under roof, buried in ducts or directly buried. It has additional mechanical protection.


  • Temperature rating: 90ºC (operating),130°C (overload) and 250°C (short circuit)

  • Voltage rating: 600/1000V AC, maximum 1200V AC / 1500V DC

  • Construction requirements: As per IRAM 62266 – IEC 60502-1

  • Conductor requirements: As per IRAM NM 280 – IEC 60228

  • Conductor: Annealed electrolytic copper - Flexible stranding class 5

  • Insulation: XLPE (crosslinked polyethylene)

  • Asiento de armadura: LSZH-HFFR (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - Halogen Free Flame Retardant)

  • Armour: Galvanized steel wire armour

  • Sheath: LSZH-HFFR (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - Halogen Free Flame Retardant) flame retardant, sunlight, and oil resistant

  • Fire requirements: As per IEC 60332-3-24

  • Standard for halogen absence and corrosive gases: As per IEC 60754-1/2

  • Smoke transparency requirements: As per IEC 61034-1/2

  • Toxicity standard: As per NES 713 – CEI 20.37

  • Oils requirements: As per ICEA S 73-532

  • Outdoors requirements: As per UL 2556 (UV rays)

  • Water behaviour requirements: Suitable AD7 (Occasional water submersion)



Halogen free

Halogen free

Low smoke

Low smoke

Grounded conductor

Grounded conductor

Flexible stranded conductors

Flexible stranded conductors

UV resistant

UV resistant


Sheath Conductors
3 Conductors
4 Conductors
5 Conductors


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Constructive variants

The information provided corresponds to the standard version, and different alternatives of insulation and / or covering materials can be used upon request.


Resistances, reactance and intensity of admissible currents

Nominal cross-section (mm²) Electrical resistance in D.C. at 20°C (Ohm/km) Electrical resistance in C.C. at 90°C (Ohm/km) Inductive reactance at 50Hz (Ohm/Km) Current-carrying capacity of cables in free air at 40°C as per IEC 364-5-523. Formations in cable ladder or perforated cable trays (Ampere) Current-carrying capacity of cables directly buried at 25°C soil temperature and soil thermal resistance of 1 km/W as per IEC 364-5-523. (Ampere)
Multiconductor (1) 4 Conductors (2) 2 Conductors (3) Multiconductor (4) 2 Conductors (3) Multiconductor (4)

(1) Calculation of Inductive reactance valid for three-conductor and five-conductor cables. (2) Calculation of Inductive reactance valid for four-conductor cables. (3) The values of current-carrying capacity informed, correspond to three conductor cable (two-conductor + protection conductor). (4) The values of current-carrying capacity informed, correspond to four-conductor, five-conductor.


Cable Formation, N° Cond. x cross-section (mm²) Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
3x1.007.612.2274EFC 0310 H
3x1.508.212.8305EFC 0315 H
3x2.509.113.7360EFC 0325 H
3x4.0010.314.9441EFC 0340 H
3x6.0011.516.1530EFC 0360 H
3x10.0013.418.9839EFC 3100 H
3x16.0015.721.21091EFC 3160 H
3x2519.225.41637EFC 3250 H
3x3521.727.92045EFC 3350 H
3x5025.231.62640EFC 3500 H
3x7029.637.33761EFC 3700 H
3x9532.740.84617EFC 3950 H
3x12037.445.75791EFC 31200 H
3x15043.353.07564EFC 31500 H
3x18548.157.88940EFC 31850 H
3x24054.264.311055EFC 32400 H
4x1.008.312.9306EFC 0410 H
4x1.508.913.5342EFC 0415 H
4x2.5010.014.6406EFC 0425 H
4x4.0011.315.9502EFC 0440 H
4x6.0012.618.1740EFC 0460 H
4x10.0014.820.3975EFC 4100 H
4x16.0017.323.51417EFC 4160 H
3x25+1x1620.326.51810EFC 2516 H
3x35+1x1622.428.62185EFC 3516 H
3x50+1x2526.332.72878EFC 5025 H
3x70+1x3530.838.74111EFC 7035 H
3x95+1x5034.442.55105EFC 9550 H
3x120+1x7039.447.96471EFC 12070 H
3x150+1x7044.454.18121EFC 15070 H
3x185+1x9549.359.29716EFC 18595 H
3x240+1x12055.866.111993EFC 240120 H
5 x 19.213.8352EFC 0510 H
5 x 1.510.014.6398EFC 0515 H
5 x 2.511.215.8480EFC 0525 H
5 x 412.417.9717EFC 0540 H
5 x 614.219.7875EFC 0560 H
5 x 1017.022.51191EFC 5100 H
5 x 1619.625.81702EFC 5160 H
5 x 2523.930.02340EFC 5250 H
5 x 3526.633.02936EFC 5350 H
5 x 5031.339.24249EFC 5500 H
5 x 7037.245.55646EFC 5700 H
5 x 9543.052.57550EFC 5950 H
5 x 12047.457.19139EFC 51200 H
5 x 15054.464.911345EFC 51500 H