series CDD

Bare conductor
4 up to 300 mm²
IRAM 2004

Suitable for overhead power lines, energy distribution and earthing networks.


  • Temperature rating: 90ºC

  • Voltage rating: Not apply

  • Construction requirements: As per IRAM NM 280 – IEC 60228

  • Conductor: Hard electrolytic copper (unannealed) stranded according to chart

Grounded conductor

Grounded conductor

Aerial installation

Aerial installation


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Constructive variants

These ropes can be provided with tinned wires as anticorrosive protection in installations where there is a high aggressiveness of the environment or terrain.


Nominal cross-section (mm²) Stranding - amount of wires External diameter mm Weight kg/km Electrical resistance ohm/km Bend radius mm Pulling tension daN/mm² Code
47 x 0,852.6364,5652154CDD 0140-7h
67 x 1,053.2552,9964235CDD 0160-7h
107 x 1,354.1911,8182389CDD 1100-7h
167 x 1,705.11441,14102613CDD 1160-7h
257 x 2,156.52310,712130974CDD 1250-7h
357 x 2,527.63170,5181521326CDD 1350-7h
507 x 3,029.14550,3611821868CDD 1500-7h
5019 x 1,859.34650,3561861967CDD 1500-19h
707 x 3,5710.76360,2582142560CDD 1700-7h
7019 x 2,1510.86280,2642162645CDD 1700-19h
9519 x 2,5212.68620,1922523599CDD 1950-19h
12019 x 2,8514.311030,152864549CDD 11200-19h
15019 x 3,201613900,1193205666CDD 11500-19h
15037 x 2,2515.813390,1243165627CDD 11500-37h
18537 x 2,5217.616800,09883527009CDD 11850-37h
24037 x 2,852021490,07724008859CDD 12400-37h
24061 x 2,2520.322090,07534069277CDD 12400-61h
30037 x 3,2022.427090,061344811034CDD 13000-37h
30061 x 2,5222.727710,0645411555CDD 13000-61h