Clad series MP-MT-H

Steel wire armour

300 Volt
Special Conductors
PVC 105°C / PVC

Thermocouple extension circuits for temperature measuring and logging. Installed in trays, cable ladders, in direct open air or indoors, directly buried or buried in a trench or in ducts.


  • Temperature rating: 105ºC

  • Voltage rating: 300 Volt CA

  • Construction requirements: As per UL 13 type PLTC - UL 2250 type ITC

  • Thermocouple conductor requirements: As per ASTM E 230-98 (MP codes) – IEC 60584-3 (MT codes)

  • Conductor: Solid or flexible wire (indicated in tables of dimensions and weights)

  • Thermocouple type EX: (+) Chromel / (-) Constantan

  • Thermocouple type JX: (+) Iron / (-) Constantan

  • Thermocouple type KX: (+) Chromell / (-) Alumel

  • Thermocouple type RX: (+) Copper E / (-) Copper A

  • Thermocouple type SX: (+) Copper E / (-) Copper A

  • Thermocouple type TX: (+) Copper E / (-) Constantan

  • Insulation: PVC

  • Lay lenght: 50 mm (20 twists/m)

  • Unshielded pair: Polyester tape wrap

  • Shield: Aluminium-polyester tape wrap plus tinned-copper braid

  • Filler: PVC

  • Amour: Galvanized steel wire armour

  • Sheath: PVC; fire-retardant; sunlight and hydrocarbon-resistant.

  • Fire requirements: As per UL 1685

  • Hydrocarbon requirements: As per NFC 32-200 – ASTM D 1239

  • Oils requirements: As per ICEA S 73-532

  • Outdoors requirements: As per UL 2556 (UV rays)

  • NEC code (NFPA 70): Art. 725 PLTC – Art. 727 ITC– Art. 501 classified locations Class 1 Div.2 and Class 2 Div.2



Hydrocarbon resistant

Hydrocarbon resistant

Mineral oil resistant

Mineral oil resistant

UV resistant

UV resistant

Refinery use

Refinery use

Tray cable

Tray cable

Direct burial

Direct burial


MP Code MT Code
Ins. (+) Ins. (-) Sheath Ins. (+) Ins. (-) Sheath


falta label en campo?
falta label en campo?
falta label en campo?

Constructive variants

The information provided corresponds to the standard version, and different alternatives of insulation and / or covering materials can be used upon request. These cables can also be manufactured in the halogen free and fire resistant mode, for special uses.


Thermocouple type MP Cables / ASTM E 230-98 MT Cables / IEC 60584-3
Special tolerance Standard tolerance Temperature range Class 1 Tolerance Class 2 Tolerances Temperature range
EX+/- 1ºC+/- 1.7ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/-120uV(+/-1.5ºC)+/- 240uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
JX+/- 1.1ºC+/- 2.2ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/- 85uV (+/-1.5ºC)+/- 140uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
KX+/- 1.1ºC+/- 2.2ºC0ºC to 200ºC+/- 60uV (+/-1.5ºC)+/- 100uV (+/-2.5ºC)-25ºC to 200ºC
RX and SX----+/- 5ºC0ºC to 200ºC----+/- 30uV (+/-2.5ºC)0ºC to 100ºC
TX+/- 0.5ºC+/- 1ºC-60ºC to 200ºC+/- 30uV (+/-0.5ºC)+/- 60uV (+/-1ºC)-25ºC to 100ºC



Type Gauge Conductor formation Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
mm² AWG
Rigid pair0.5201x0.805.08.6151MP/MT + 1205 H
Rigid pair1.31161x1.296.210.3209MP/MT + 1213 H
Flexible pair0.52016x0.205.38.9158MP/MT + 1305 H
Flexible pair0.811826x0.206.010.2195MP/MT + 1308 H
Flexible pair1.311642x0.206.710.8224MP/MT + 1313 H
Flexible pair1.51548x0.207.211.3243MP/MT + 1315 H


Type Gauge Configuration Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
mm² AWG Conductor Drain wire
Rigid pair0.5201x0.801x0.655.18.7162MP/MT + 1000 H
Rigid pair1.31161x1.291x1.006.310.4219MP/MT + 1001 H
Flexible pair0.52016x0.207x0.255.49.0169MP/MT + 1006 H
Flexible pair0.811826x0.207x0.306.110.3209MP/MT + 1036 H
Flexible pair11732x0.207x0.306.410.5220MP/MT + 1026 H
Flexible pair1.311642x0.207x0.406.810.9234MP/MT + 1046 H
Flexible pair1.51548x0.207x0.407.311.4254MP/MT + 1016 H

Multipairs - Solid formations

Number of pairs AWG Conductor Overal shield Individual and overall shield
N°xmm Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
2201x0.807.111.3241MP/MT+2002 H7.311.5252MP/MT+2402 H
38.112.2276MP/MT+2003 H8.612.7303MP/MT+2403 H
48.812.9314MP/MT+2004 H9.313.5345MP/MT+2404 H
610.915.0404MP/MT+2008 H11.616.2469MP/MT+2408 H
811.716.3471MP/MT+2010 H12.517.1532MP/MT+2410 H
1214.018.7595MP/MT+2012 H15.019.7676MP/MT+2412 H
1616.020.6717MP/MT+2016 H17.121.8822MP/MT+2416 H
2017.622.8848MP/MT+2020 H18.924.1974MP/MT+2420 H
2419.624.91003MP/MT+2024 H21.026.41154MP/MT+2424 H
3622.828.41341MP/MT+2036 H24.530.61688MP/MT+2436 H

18 and 16 AWG versions are made to order and may be availabe in solid configurations upon request. “+” Thermocouple identification according to the alloy EX - JX - KX - RX - SX - TX. For example: MPKX 1205 (Unshielded rigid pair KX Chromel/Alumel thermocouple) / MPJX 2004 (4 solid pairs with overall shield JX Iron/Constantan thermocouple)

Multipairs - Flexible formations

Number of pairs AWG Conductor Overal shield Individual and overall shield
N°xmm Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code Diameter under armour mm External diameter mm Weight kg/km Code
22016x0.207.511.7250MP/MT f+2002 H7.711.9265MP/MT f+2402 H
38.612.7291MP/MT f+2003 H9.213.3323MP/MT f+2403 H
49.413.5330MP/MT f+2004 H10.514.7389MP/MT f+2404 H
611.616.3446MP/MT f+2008 H12.417.0496MP/MT f+2408 H
812.517.2502MP/MT f+2010 H13.418.0561MP/MT f+2410 H
1215.119.7630MP/MT f+2012 H16.721.3745MP/MT f+2412 H
1617.221.8761MP/MT f+2016 H18.423.6899MP/MT f+2416 H
2019.024.2898MP/MT f+2020 H20.425.81078MP/MT f+2420 H
2421.126.51063MP/MT f+2024 H23.228.81318MP/MT f+2424 H
3624.630.71551MP/MT f+2036 H26.533.01832MP/MT f+2436 H
21826x0.208.412.6293MP/MT f+2102 H8.612.8312MP/MT f+2502 H
310.414.6377MP/MT f+2103 H11.115.8430MP/MT f+2503 H
411.416.0444MP/MT f+2104 H12.116.8491MP/MT f+2504 H
613.518.1545MP/MT f+2108 H14.419.0612MP/MT f+2508H
814.519.2622MP/MT f+2110 H16.120.7732MP/MT f+2510 H
1218.123.3854MP/MT f+2112 H19.524.81016MP/MT f+2512 H
1620.125.41044MP/MT f+2116 H21.626.91195MP/MT f+2516 H
2022.828.31286MP/MT f+2120 H24.430.51606MP/MT f+2520 H
2425.331.31597MP/MT f+2124 H27.233.81869MP/MT f+2524 H
3628.935.42041MP/MT f+2136 H31.138.42605MP/MT f+2536 H
21642x0.209.213.4334MP/MT f +2202 H9.413.6359MP/MT f+2602 H
311.716.3456MP/MT f +2203 H12.517.1511MP/MT f+2603 H
412.817.4527MP/MT f+2204 H13.718.3588MP/MT f+2604 H
615.219.8657MP/MT f+2208 H16.821.4778MP/MT f+2608 H
816.921.6787MP/MT f+2210 H18.223.3927MP/MT f+2610 H
1220.525.91094MP/MT f+2212 H22.127.61306MP/MT f+2612 H
1623.328.91387MP/MT f+2216 H25.031.11737MP/MT f+2616 H
2025.832.41781MP/MT f+2220 H27.834.32044MP/MT f+2620 H
2428.835.32028MP/MT f+2224 H31.038.22571MP/MT f+2624 H
3633.442.33332MP/MT f +2236 H36.044.93822MP/MT f+2636 H